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The faience manufacture of Saint-Clément

Located 12 km from Luneville, was created in 1758 by Jacques Chambrette, owner of a faience manufacture at Luneville.

With this
second plant, he addressed the high-end segment of prestigious pieces. Because of this, the plant was named official supplier of Trianon of Marie Antoinette.

During the 18th century St. Clement addresses the production of household goods in ordinary pottery, luxury items and decorative items in earthenware.

Between the first quarter of the 19th century and 1892, St. Clement product of ordinary earthenware tableware and decorative objects of earthenware big and slow fire (Emile Galle).

After 1920
production includes dishes and household articles earthenware (often with antique ornaments) and decorative objects (animals) crackled faience (1925 to 1930).

The production of
barbotine is continued until 1930.

Majolica pitchers, from M. Bottero, Ed. Ch. Massin, 192 full color pages, which contains more than 570 color illustrations presenting majolica pieces from Sarreguemines, Saint-Clement, Clairefontaine, Salins, Desvres, Vallauris,...
The French texts are written by Maryse Bottero and contain the main marks of the pitchers.